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Web re-design

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Image is everything. Poor quality and dated websites are easy to spot, your customers know the difference between VHS (yes we remember!) and Blu-Ray.
Same goes for web design. Improve your image today.

Re-designing websites


Understanding your users

You can’t solve problems until you know what they are. Before embarking on the design of your website we carry out a number of research tasks which help us to gain important insights into the needs and motivations of your users. By looking at the way your current website works for you and studying where and when users drop off we can begin to piece together a comprehensive web design plan.

A clean sheet (sympathetic of your brand)

Armed with a good idea of how your users use both your current website, and also looking into your competition, we can start working on some fresh designs. At Luno Group we recognise that your brand is your most precious asset and so our designs are always in-line with your current corporate image and voice. A number of designs are sent over to you and during our stage 2 consultation meeting with you we can fine-tune these designs ensuring that you are kept well within the 'loop'.

Responsive designs

Reaching out to as many of your potential customers is crucial for survival in the highly competitive online market and as such our web designers work with the very latest technologies, standards and methodologies ensuring that your new site works perfectly across as many platforms (web browsers and operating systems) and devices (iPhones, Blackberrys, Tablets etc) as possible.

User experience

Recognising your users and thinking about their experience online is at the core of Luno Group web design service. A good online experience is crucial for keeping hold of your current customers whilst attracting new ones.

Why are we so obsessed with your users experience?

It's just good business.
A good user experience helps people to engage with your brand. Once we have your customers engaged then it's just a question of creating the right vibe so that they feel comfortable making that purchase, picking up the phone, emailing you or whatever your 'call to action' is.
Your customers vote with their feet (or mouse).
We've all been on websites that fail to provide a good experience, our instinct is to click on the back button. There is no alternative to providing useful and engaging experiences online, your customers will simply find a competitor that does.
Your ROI and profits
At Luno Group our obsession with creating a good online experience means that we're always thinking about your customers. By providing a better experience for your customers you will easily see your online sales grow (or an increase in the amount of enquiries/phone calls depending on the nature of your site). It's not rocket science, a better online experience always sees a substantial growth in sales, maintaining your new growth is then about continued engagement through social media, online marketing, SEO and fresh and up to date content.
Online experience impacts your brand
A user’s experience online is the perception that’s left in their mind after they leave your website. Get this right and they will tell their friends, or even better for SEO they'll post a link on Facebook and Twitter. Getting it wrong is so bad that we wont go into that right now!

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