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Content Management Systems

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As the good folks at Google HQ say "Content is King in the quest for high ranking websites", put simply this means that the text on your website needs to be fresh, useful to the visitor and unique to your website.
If content is King, then a good CMS is Queen

Content Management Systems

What is a CMS?

A content management systems (CMS) is a system where a user can log in to the 'back-end' of their website and publish new pages, amend the current ones, add pictures and pretty much keep their website updated as often as they like. There is no special software you need to download, all you need is a computer/tablet/phone and a connection to the internet. You don't need to be a web designer to use one, if you can use Facebook or Twitter then you can use our content management system. Its easy we promise!

Why should I care about a CMS?

You shouldn't! You don't ever have to worry about a CMS as we can take care of all your updates for you and keep your website fresh, we just want to offer our customers the ability to manage their own website if they wish. As we cater for all different sizes of businesses both in Kent and further afield we want to provide as many options as we can, some companies have the resources to assign an employee to managing their website, others simply don't have time.

If your not sure if you want to use a CMS we will happily talk you through what's involved allowing you to make an informed decision.

The image below shows how the page you are currently reading was put together using our own CMS.

An image of this website being updated via our own CMS (Joomla)

The impact of CMS on SEO

Not only does a good content management system allow our clients to update their own websites, its also an incredibly powerful tool for SEO. In the fight for the top spot on a search engine over 300 individual ranking elements are considered, of these quite a few depend on the system that a website is built with, as both Joomla and Wordpress are hierarchically designed from the ground up you often find that the websites dominating the top spot in Google have been created, and are constantly updated, within a CMS framework.

Another good reason why we love CMS!


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