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Social Media Marketing

Online social media conversations enables businesses, both big and small, to engage with their audience, push their brand forward and create a real 'buzz' around your company. Luno Group create innovative and effective Social Media strategies that can have a real impact on your sales/enquiries and work hand-in-hand with SEO.
Choose Luno Group to help your customers spread the word for you!

Social Media Marketing improves profits

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a site via the latest social media channels, then interacting with existing or potential customers both directly and in-directly with a view to influencing their opinion of your brand, encouraging more visitors to your website and converting those visitors into customers.

By listening to your customers on digital channels we can gain a insight into the way in which your company is perceived. Through this insightful understanding of your social media platform we can help to tailor better engagement and influence your customers with strategic social media marketing.

Turn social conversations and activity into sales opportunities

The social media platform is a goldmine of untapped sales opportunities. Luno Group are specialists in developing deeper engagement and creating compelling brand stories that build long lasting loyalty with your social customers.

Creating compelling social media energy through a 'social content strategy'

It's easy enough to set up a Facebook page/Twitter account/blog for a business and start adding content and attracting followers, however in the rush to set these up there is always a fundamental element overlooked which is the 'social content strategy'. What are you intending to tweet about? What updates should go on Facebook? What's the ultimate driving force behind your content and how are you going to measure its successes (or failures)?

We're here to help you through these questions and devise a social content strategy that not only engages with your customers through rich snippets of information but ultimately is driven by your return on investment and increase in sales/enquiries.

Strategies to Engagement - your profits and bottom line

We are, unashamedly, obsessed with helping our clients achieve a real return on their investment with us. A social marketing campaign is only successful if you have attracted more customers and exceeded your investment.

Unlike some SEO and social media agencies, Luno Group are committed to raising your revenue through measurable results.

Advertising in the social web - new promotional opportunities for your business.

Social Media websites not only present many routes for customer engagement, they also are an affordable platform for advertising and promotional campaigns. The beauty with social advertising is that you can target a much more focused group of potential customers by specifying age, gender, interests, income and geography.

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