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Performance tracking

The internet is a global, highly competitive and ever changing business platform. SEO needs to do much more than attracting more visitors to your website, once there we need to know their browsing habits, what pages they tend to click on the most and where the most conversions take place. At Luno Group we are driven by our belief that we are to be held account and we relish the challenge of you setting sales objectives for us to achieve.

Google analytics

We track visitors to your website very carefully using Google Analytics. Used correctly this powerful resource provides an almost overwhelming amount of data.

Our job is turning your analytics data into information you can understand. We call this intelligence performance.

As part of your SEO service with us we monitor how your search campaign is working and send you two reports each month. One single page 'key highlights' document so that you can quickly see what search metrics are the most effective and what parameters are not yet achieving their goals. The second document is an in-depth report about your entire campaign covering your on-page and off-page SEO.

Analytics and SEO intelligence reporting 

Accountable results

In order to ensure that you achieve the best possible return on investment for SEO it's imperative that we are held to account for your SEO campaigns. At the start of any SEO campaign, and indeed throughout its life, we discuss with you a number of search 'goals'. These goals could be for a specific number of completed orders, a percentage increase in visits or more intricate search goals such as setting a threshold over the number of enquiries from visitors finding your site through a specific keyword entered into Google.

Reporting on these search 'goals' each month and detailing what has been achieved, and more importantly what has yet to reach its goal we can continue to refine our SEO campaigns.

We can all play a part in increasing your ROI through collaboration

By allowing you access to your SEO account 24/7 through the award winning project management software basecamp, we encourage you and your team to take an active part in your on-going SEO campaign, whether that is by periodically adding new keywords for us to track or letting us know of your competitors that you wish to get ahead of in the search results.

You may have key players in your organisation that can bring to the table new ideas that can help build your profile, as such we can provide online access to your SEO project management for an unlimited amount of employees. Once logged in they will be able to add check-lists, documents, competitors URL's for us to use and also be able to download your monthly SEO reports, view and amend the search 'goals', see the keywords that are working well and those that are yet to achieve.

This is collaborative working at its best. It's your choice whether you want an active part in your SEO campaigns by providing us with ideas and new keywords each month or you would rather sit back and await your monthly report without playing any part in the campaign, your SEO service will still continue and you will still see a good return on investment. We just like to give you the choice to join in.

Intelligence & Analytics News

  • Conversion rates

    Conversion rates

    Posted Tuesday, 18 September 2012, within the category Intelligence & Analyitics ,
    Tagged with analysis seo

    With all the hard work going into increasing traffic to your site it can be easy to focus on numbers and forget that SEO is first and foremost a marketing campaign where the actual increase in sales and profits is core, and the underlining measure of success.

    By utilising key metrics obtained through Google Anlytics it's possible to gain a real insight into how profitable your traffic really is.

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