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SEO in Kent

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On your patch

Although we are based just outside Canterbury, near Dover, we offer SEO (search engine optimisation) services throughout the UK. Search engine optimisation in Kent helps you get noticed in a crowded web space where thousands of websites offering similar services or products to you are also competing. Just as you would invest in other local forms of advertising search marketing can add a real boost to your position in Google.

One step further than most

Using a Kent SEO company has it's benefits, we know the local economic and social landscape a little better and the digital routes to getting noticed in Kent since we're a local business too. We also get to know your company a little better than most SEO companies, in order that we understand your client demographics and can involve you in a strategic and comprehensive SEO plan that's right for your business, no matter how big or small you are.

Kent is a beautiful place to work and we truly love supporting local businesses.

We are so proud to support local businesses in Kent and helping them to gain a competitive advantage through our SEO services, we carefully craft a local strategy based upon research not guess work. For us its about seeing the local search landscape in Kent and delving deep into they way we search for information.

Search patterns that originate from the local area maybe suitable for a business that serves Kent or the South East of England, however we need to consider whether broadening our approach and widening the search target area would have benefits to you as a business. In this instance, a good discussion with you to determine your geographical target market helps to know how far we can target potential visitors and subsequently focus our efforts down to the niche you operate in.

Conversely part of your ongoing business plan may be to target a wider field, so in this instance we can create a strategy that builds on and focuses a more geographically diverse demographic, perhaps targeting the UK, Europe or worldwide. We're not out of our comfort zone supporting companies that operate worldwide!

Research not guess work

Research is in our blood, all employees at Luno Group are graduates and have been selected for their analytical minds. We wouldn't class ourselves are SEO geeks but we do thrive on knowledge and so when we're designing campaigns for our clients we always look into many factors such as the local economic landscape to gain a better understanding of your potential customers.

An example would be to consider how the average age of a local population determines how and what they would search for to find you, armed with the answers we simply play into their hands and create a strategy that puts your website in front of your potential customers.

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