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Search Engine Optimisation is a collective term which refers to the techniques used to ultimately push your website to the top of Google's natural search results page.

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Some SEO companies still concentrate on getting loads of 'hits' to your website. Not us.

We think it's far more important that we attract visitors to your website that are likely to become customers, so rather than concentrating on numbers we consider quality. In fact Google works in a similar way where its main goal is to marry up visitors to sites that offer the quality information they are searching for, which is why the websites that have used poor-quality and link-heavy SEO techniques in the past have suffered so much over the last year with Googles' recent updates to the way the search giant works.

This is where many poor-quality SEO companies fall short.

Why use a search engine optimisation (SEO) company?

  • 86% of online transactions start with a search engine
  • Google handles several hundred million searches each day
  • Most people never get past the first page of results

If your website is not ranking on the front page for relevant search terms, you cannot expect to compete online.

In fact, for the vast majority of sites if it doesn't show up on page one then it is, to some extent at least, invisible to the major population of web users.

SEO provides a cost-effective method of increasing business through measurable results.

Why choose Luno Group?

Knowledge and understanding gives Luno Group the cutting edge.

Our strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies all begin with a solid understanding of how search engines work. Our team of search engineers are actively engaged in the SEO community. We invest in people and believe that successful SEO campaigns centre around providing opportunities for our staff to continue to develop their knowledge and skills, which is why were keen on training days, after all if we're ahead of the game then you'll be ahead of your competitors.

We fit our SEO solutions around you and the way your business operates. Not the other way around.

Our starting point is to listen to you and learn about the way your business works. That way we can be sure we're targeting the right keywords for the right visitors to your site. Our tailored approach is all about driving your revenue forwards and as such is different from other SEO companies in Kent who seem to concentrate on building traffic rather than increasing your profits. Where other SEO companies may be happy to report X number of visits to your site each month, we would rather report percentage increases in orders each month.

Clear and concise communication between us and you is key.

Our project management is second to none. Keeping you well and truly within the loop so each month you know exactly what has been done, where the key achievements have been and more importantly what objectives are we setting for next month. Transparency is our driving force in our project management, and through our basecamp interface you and your team are encouraged to take an active part in setting objectives each month for us to achieve. We do like a challenge!




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