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Is your website suffering from a drop in traffic?

Written by Steve Jarvis on Tuesday, 15 October 2013. Posted in SEO

Perhaps it's time to change your approach to SEO

Google is taking a tough stance on webmasters who do not adhere to Google’s Quality Guidelines. Whether you have intentionally breached the guidelines, or used an SEO firm who has landed you in trouble, it is only  a matter of time before Google catches up with you...if they haven’t already.

Conversion rates

Written by Nicola Cooper on Tuesday, 18 September 2012. Posted in Intelligence & Analyitics

With all the hard work going into increasing traffic to your site it can be easy to focus on numbers and forget that SEO is first and foremost a marketing campaign where the actual increase in sales and profits is core, and the underlining measure of success.

By utilising key metrics obtained through Google Anlytics it's possible to gain a real insight into how profitable your traffic really is.

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