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Adwords and Organic Listings

on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in SEO

Adwords and Organic Listings

We get a fair amount of clients asking about Google AdWords and how it can support their overall marketing campaign. The process of using paid advertising should be approached with caution - it's easy to spend a lot of money on AdWords, Google has invested a lot in making the system work for them. However, used strategically it can be a very useful boost to your revenue stream.

The polar opposite of AdWords is the organic listings. These are the non-paid for results and the absolute core of SEO.

Google AdWords

These are the results you see in yellow at the top and side of a results page. Paid adverts results are organised and created by Google AdWords, the more money you have to spend the more likely you will appear right above your entire competition!

Sounds simple but it's quite like throwing enough much at a wall so that some will stick! You do need to adopt a strategy not just increase the amount of money you throw in. We can advise you with your campaign so that you get the most value from it, alternatively we run Google AdWords campaigns for many of our clients taking the headache away completely.

The amount of money you spend really comes down to how competitive your keywords are. If your looking to get to the top of the paid ads for keywords like "cheap holidays" then expect to spend thousands each and every week.

Achievable keywords

By carefully looking at your overall marketing campaign we may be able to find Key words that are less competitive but which will still bring in more visitors and thus increase your bottom line - value for money being the key here.

The big players

We run Google AdWords campaigns for some organisations that do exceed £1000 per week. This may seem like a lot however the increase in sales far out ways the initial investment, it's proportionate to the weekly spend and adjustable according to their needs.

The smaller players

Some of our clients, particularly our SEO Kent based businesses, have a smaller budget and so spend on average around £50 per week. Again, its all about proportionality - is the £50 bringing in the same amount of extra revenue?

Tracking your success

Okay, now we come to the crunch. How do you know your AdWords campaigns are working for you? With a clever bit of analytics it's clear to see the visitors from your ads and how they interact with your website - whether they go on to make a purchase or submit their email address, the route to your key website 'goals' are traceable and so therefore you can see the impact of investing in Google AdWords.

Helping you all the way

If you want to discuss your current Google AdWords campaign or need to set one up call us today on 01304 826 023 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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