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How many sales will I get with SEO?

Written by Nicola Cooper on Thursday, 20 September 2012. Posted in SEO

How many sales will I get with SEO?

Trying to work out just how many extra sales you will achieve once you commission an SEO project with us isn't about guess work, we don't just pull a figure out of the air!

There is an formula used throughout the SEO industry which applied correctly can give you a fairly accurate picture of the amount of extra sales you will achieve once your SEO project starts to draw extra traffic in.

It's not rocket science, but there is some scientific methodology behind it!

Step one - what are your customers actually searching for each month?

Using Google's keyword research tool you can get a fairly comprehensive overview of the searches performed each month for your given keywords. Once you have set the locality (and assuming your not targeting globally) choose your 'match type' to exact.

Enter each keyword and key phrase into the box that you think relates to your business. At this point we like to export this into a spreadsheet program, we use Excel for the Mac but any spreadsheet program is fine since we're only performing rudimentary data analysis.

Get rid of all columns except for 'keywords' and 'monthly searches'.

Step two - how competitive are those keywords

At Luno Group we use a fairly complex cloud based software to calculate the competitiveness of each keyword found. However, it's possible to do this manually:

  • Type each keyword into Google
  • Count the pages that do not have the entire key phrase in the title or description
  • Give one decimal point for each website that doesn't target your keyword (on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0)
  • Notes - avoid paid ads and only perform this for page one

Calculate the sales value for each keyword

Monthly searches X Competitor research X sales value (calculated by subtracting 0.1 for each entry unlikely to result in a purchase) X Click through rate*

*Click through rate varies in each industry and dependent upon a number of factors, however the average is 15% for page one listings


100, 000 X 1.0 X 1.0 X 15% = 15, 000

So, after that how many sales will I get?

Back to Google anlytics for this part, find out what your average conversion rate is, let's say its 1% as an example, which is the still a high pre-SEO rate but good as an example.

Estimated clicks X Average conversion rate = estimated sales


15,000 X 1% = 150 sales

After SEO

Once we're on your case not only does your conversion rate increase but also your click through rate, the higher you are in Google the more likely it is that people will click through to you. If we increase your conversion rate to 10% through a carefully designed website that would increase your sales to 1500. Increasing your click-through rate to 25% yeilds a further 2500 sales.

Its all in the maths!


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