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Emotional Memory

Written by Garry Crick on Monday, 15 October 2012. Posted in Web Design

Emotional Memory

If you're able to remember the best meal that you've ever had, it's down to emotional memory that keeps the tastes fresh long after you have left the restaurant.

As web design company in Kent we're charged with creating memorable experiences that interact emotionally with visitors. We're not talking about making your audience laugh, cry or gasp with horror, moreover it's about burning an imprint of your brand into the sub-consciousness of the visitor.

Connections and experiences

Drink tea? Of course you do, doesn't everyone! Twinings currently have a TV advert which conveys certain emotional responses of warmth, relaxation and security.

Twining Advert August 2012

It's the choice of colour palate and the illustration of the girl that does the trick. Look in particular at the expression on her face, it's pure satisfaction! Subtle but effective design choices can have amazing results.

We're visual creatures and so most of us would have taken in the whole dynamics of the picture above without even thinking, thus creating an emotional connection.

The web is an emotional vehicle

Web design agencies in Kent and further afield talk a fair bit about user experience, it's that journey you go on when you land on a website. How do you find the information? Useful? Clearly laid out? All these questions run through the sub-conscious mind without discreetly needing an answer at all.

Pinterest Large Image ScrollBy guiding a user and creating a focus we're on the right steps to creating a connection, almost like an invisible helping hand.

Research shows that users experiencing this feeling of support and safe in the knowledge that everything is clearly laid out for them quite often are more likely to create an emotional memory to that site.

Pinterest is a great example of a website that pulls your focus in and draws you to navigate down that never ending stack of images and visual juice.

You're compelled to keep looking down for that amazing image of a fridge magnet that you just have to buy right now.

Ground rules, or using a human-to-website template

Not only are we visual beings, we're also fairly keen on consistency. We like to know where things are going to be all the time, I know that when I buy a Kinder Egg there's a toy inside a small yellow plastic egg. I know it's there before I peel off the tin foil, I also expect there to be a small instruction leaflet carefully curved around the inside of the egg.

As a web design agency in Kent we don't want to be messing around too much with trying to change what is expected on a typical website. We expect to see a logo top-left, we know that the navigation is usually at the top, we trust that the 'home' button takes us back to the starting page. And because of this desire to form a habit when we surf we can fine tune the experience, blend in an emotional journey and burn a lasting impression of your brand on your customers minds.


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Garry Crick

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  • Ray


    16 October 2012 at 06:06 |
    Nice post. UX is often forgotten about when budgets, SEO marketing and turn-around time are at the forefront of clients minds!

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