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Conversion rates

Written by Nicola Cooper on Tuesday, 18 September 2012. Posted in Intelligence & Analyitics

Conversion rates

With all the hard work going into increasing traffic to your site it can be easy to focus on numbers and forget that SEO is first and foremost a marketing campaign where the actual increase in sales and profits is core, and the underlining measure of success.

By utilising key metrics obtained through Google Anlytics it's possible to gain a real insight into how profitable your traffic really is.

Every element counts

From the use of keywords within your site to the amount of back links all elements of SEO should drive enough traffic that a larger proportion of sales are converted and thus endorse the investment in SEO in the first place.

Analysing the key metrics - how profitable is the traffic

Calculating your key metric isn't that hard, its a case of taking the raw data from Google analytics which shows the amount of visitors and compare this with your sales data. Of course not all websites drive sales, so if your SEO core function is to increase the number of enquiries via telephone, email or contact form, then take the overall number of these enquiries as your figure.

Take the number of visits and divide this by the number of sales (or enquiries).

V / S = Visits to sales ratio.

Google Analyitics

Possible the most useful of all SEO tools, Google Analytics can calculate this figure for you, assuming that the account is correctly set up and maintained. Targeting your goal web pages is key here so that the system can recognise where your 'goals' or 'sales' are. Set your goal to a success page, say for example you sell pet food in Canterbury, Kent and assuming you have an eccomerce website then you would set this goal to your "thanks for your order" page. Google then recognises that this is your 'goal' page and can then calculate your visits to sales ratio.

With accurate and informative data derived from your website visits you can use this to inform your overall sales strategy. See what's working and what's not and adjust your campaign accordingly.

We're here to help you

It can be a bit of a mindfield setting up Google analytics properly, then there is tonnes of data to sift through which changes every week. If you are interested in understanding your website traffic a little more in-depth and using this information to shape your online presence, with a view to increasing sales, then contact us today on 01304 826 023



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