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Emotional Memory

Written by Garry Crick on Monday, 15 October 2012. Posted in Web Design

If you're able to remember the best meal that you've ever had, it's down to emotional memory that keeps the tastes fresh long after you have left the restaurant.

As web design company in Kent we're charged with creating memorable experiences that interact emotionally with visitors. We're not talking about making your audience laugh, cry or gasp with horror, moreover it's about burning an imprint of your brand into the sub-consciousness of the visitor.

Responsive sites do better at SEO

Written by Garry Crick on Monday, 17 September 2012. Posted in Web Design

We've just had a major facelift and this site demonstrates the responsive capabilities of websites - give it a try and resize your browser window now!

In the past few years we have relied on building two websites for every client of ours. One main 'desktop' site and a second 'mobile' site, now things have changed for the better

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